The Good Finance loan is a popular loan among students. Being a student is often difficult both mentally and financially, and the Good Finance loan can help soften up a stressful everyday life. Students rarely have a lot of money, as most of the time – as needed – goes to study.

Therefore, there is no time for full-time jobs next door, and students typically have maximum time for an 8-10 hour study job. As housing, textbooks and fixed expenses are both heavy items in the economy, it may therefore be necessary to Good Financepplement with an Good Finance loan.

How do you take out an Good Finance loan?

How do you take out an Good Finance loan?

As soon as you are notified that you have been admitted to an education, you can go in and apply for Good Finance loans. However, you cannot get the loan paid off earlier than one month before the month you receive your first Good Finance.

You must log in to minGood Finance and apply for the loan – you will be notified in writing in your eBook when the loan is granted. You must then complete a loan plan and accept the loan terms before you can get the loan paid off. This typically happens 1-2 weeks after you approve the loan plan and terms.

You can also apply for Good Finance loans retroactively. However, you can only apply for months when you got Good Finance.

Also remember that you can borrow the amount you need. Therefore, you do not need to take out the full Good Finance loan, even if possible.

What is the interest rate on an Good Finance loan?

What is the interest rate on an Good Finance loan?

Interest is accrued on the loan from the time you get the loan paid off. Thus, the interest is accrued on a continuous basis when you get loans paid out each month, and they also run while you study. However, the interest rate is lower while you are a student, whereas it increases when you finish your studies.

If you default on the debt – that is, you do not repay your loan in accordance with the agreement you made – your debt will be transferred to the Debt Management Agency, which handles debt to the public. At the same time, your borrowing rate will rise quite significantly. Therefore, always make Good Financere you comply with your repayment scheme when you need to repay the Good Finance loan.

When should you repay your Good Finance loan?


Once you finish your education, start paying off your debt a year after starting in January. This means that if you finish your education in June 2019, do not start repaying until January 2021. Thus, you have a minimum of one year where you do not have to pay any installments. It gives you some time to find a good job after graduation, where Good Finance debt does not blow you in the neck.

When your repayment period starts, you have between 7 and 15 years to repay the loan. The repayment period depends on how much money you have borrowed. You tailor your installment plan yourself, including how much you want to repay each month as long as you stay within the total agreed repayment period. You can also choose to pay off the entire debt at once if you have the money. The Good Finance loan is thus a very flexible loan to work with.

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