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with a down payment at the house bank or an online bank. In advance, it can make sense to find out about the loan contract procedure. Whether new or used, a car costs money and that is not always available. Most of the time, they have to take out vehicle financing. It also makes sense to keep a financial cushion in an emergency. Learn more at

Designing lending sensibly 

Designing lending sensibly 

“Can the purchase wait until the saved capital is available or does it make sense to borrow something”, this problem arises before larger orders: The sales price is often lowered if you buy the kitchen, the car or another large purchase in Pay out money. The loan from a house bank can make sense.

You can buy just about anything on credit. With a loan, the future result is already payable. This clearly means that you will have to do without this remedy later. The loan rate. This interest can be imagined as a lease for capital. You get the loan amount and pay the lease (interest) for the useful life.

Responsible use of capital requires a sober consideration: has the investment paid off? Can I wait and save costs? Does a loan match my personal financial situation at all? Indicate how much money is available for purchase after deducting all current living expenses. In addition to the cash on hand, this also includes your credit balance with the bank (after deducting all existing payment obligations).

So find out how much time you have “left” in a normal calendar month. Then request a quote from your house bank or savings bank. If the monthly loan rate is more than half the amount of your free budget, you should subject your project to a critical review. In addition to the interest, the term also determines the cost of a loan.

Although they can reduce the monthly burden in the longer term, the loan is generally more expensive. Attention: Before taking out the loan, take note of your previous liabilities and always get detailed advice from your house bank or savings bank. Also check whether it makes sense to combine existing loans.

When does a loan make sense?

When does a loan make sense?

Borrowing can be necessary and useful in many situations, especially when a large purchase is due. However, borrowing is not entirely risk-free, so consumers are rightly timid. It is necessary to carefully weigh the risks and benefits in advance in order to avoid the risk of a debt trap.

In the following you will learn when an installment loan makes sense and what you should consider. What is the meaning of a loan and what should be considered when choosing a loan? The installment loan gives people the chance to overcome economic bottlenecks or, for example, buy a car, build their own house or make small purchases such as a television.

The loan is repaid in monthly installments. When choosing a cheap loan, the effective interest rate is the indicator. In many cases, the actual accrued interest income also depends on the debtor’s creditworthiness and can therefore be higher than the values ​​specified in detail. When does a loan make sense? Taking out a loan is no longer unusual today.

But when does it make any difference at all? If a purchase is urgently needed, but your own funds are insufficient, taking out a loan can be the only possible option. However, it should be a really important purchase and not something that is not necessarily necessary. It is always necessary to assess the reasons why debt financing is justified.

This is useful, for example, in the following examples: Borrowing should only be considered if a certain result is available, the purchase is really necessary and the probability of repayment is high. With all caution, a loan can pay off on certain purchases or deposits. In advance, however, you should carefully compare the offers of the many credit institutions and lenders, as they sometimes differ significantly from one another.

One of the reasons for this is that employee and rent expenses are lower. A comparison should be made before taking out the loan. When does a loan make less sense? Holidays or other short-term investments and unimportant things should not be covered by loan financing. Even with a monthly load of more than 15 percentage points of the budget of the household, it does not make sense to take out a loan.

In this case, the repayment can be partially considered and the loan can become a debt trap. Installment insurance can be a sensible safeguard. This applies, for example, to unemployment through no fault of your own or a serious illness. Permanent projects or valuable properties can usually be financed well with a loan.

A typical example of this is the new car or a home. In this case, however, the repayment period should be shorter than the term of the respective device. Otherwise, it must be exchanged as long as the loan volume has not yet been paid out. Existing expensive bonds can also be repaid with a cheaper bond. No matter what the budget is used for, lending must always be prudent.

There is a clear recommendation: credit yes, but only if the lending business makes sense and there is no risk of excess coverage. But the comparison is also very important.

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